About Us

Covid-19 Pandemic
Hillside Mall, or The Pick n Pay centre as it was previously known, has been serving the shopping needs of the Bluff community since 1993.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused 2020 to be an incredibly difficult year for the tenants and off course the entire country.

Our management, tenants and contractors have worked tirelessly together to implement best practices and procedures, as recommended by our government, to attempt to limit the spread of the virus and keep the community safe.

This has caused much stress and strain on the management and the staff on the frontline. We would like to thank them all for their contribution. We also would like to thank the Bluff community for their patience, understanding and compliance during these extraordinary times.
Our local stores Need your Support
We are proud to serve the community with many smaller local stores. Shops such as Classic Jewellers, Itzi Bitzi, Redz Hair stylist, Bright on Health, Alfresco and Bluff Unleashed have become an integral part of the community. These stores have helped make shopping at Hillside Mall a rewarding experience through their familiarity and personalised service.

The pandemic has put a massive strain on their finances and their viability. Please support local to save jobs and livelihoods.
New Stores
We welcome the new store openings this year, including FNB, Ackerman’s and PeP Cell and wish them every success.
Our website includes a complete list of our stores, with contact details for each retailer and service providers. Stay tuned for updates with regard to upcoming events, competitions and advertisements.

We will continue to work on improving our offering to the community and maintain our current high standards in the mall.

Hillside mall thanks the community for its support and hopes to continue to be a cornerstone of the Bluff community for years to come.

“A big thank you to the Bluff community for their support over the last 27 years – we’re committed to staying constantly engaged with our neighbourhood’s needs and wants.”


See how Bluff Hillside Mall is doing it's part to keep our tenants and shoppers safe during the global pandemic.


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